Aoran is a group company with subsidiaries located in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, etc. Through efficient management and wide business channels as well as nice reputation, Aoran works on providing excellent laboratory instruments to universities, institutes, hospitals and enterprises nationwide.

The products Aoran distributed are worldwide, like Bertin, Awel, and Lamy from France, Qsonica, Cryosafe, Cole-Parmer, IBI, Torrey Pines, Biospec, Heathrow, PRO, Plas-Labs, Harvard and KDS from America, PeQlab, Schuett, Funke & Gerber from Germany, Isogen from Netherland, Alpina from Poland, Selecta from Spain, Panasonic and Optima from Japan, N-Biotek and Jeio-Tech from Korea. All of these companies have first class production lines and expert teams.

Aoran follows the motto “Reputation, Responsibility, Repeat business/Sustainability, and Win-Win”. Before providing solutions, we work closely with our customers to ensure the appropriate systems are set up, key issues are focused on, and mandatory performance specifications are defined. At Aoran, everything we do begins with our mission - to enable our customers to make the researches easier and find answers earlier.

Everything that you need in your lab is just one call away! Aoran ensures that its instrumental solutions work to their optimum level through a range of service plans. We believe that people make the difference and everyone at Aoran has a keen sense of customer service required in this day and age. We will always strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

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